SILENT WAR with IJN Expansion – Compass Games

This auction is for “Silent War – The United States’ Submarine Campaign Against Imperial Japan 1941-1945” Board Game by Compass Games. The game has been OPENED but never played. The pieces are UNPUNCHED. All of the original parts are accounted for and included and are in EXCELLENT condition. The box is in excellent condition.

ALSO included in this auction:

· IJN - Imperial Japanese Navy Expansion . The Expansion is new and never been used and is STILL IN SHRINKWRAP.

Description of the Board Game:

Silent War is a solitaire simulation of the United States' Navy submarine war against Imperial Japan in World War Two. You serve as Commander of Submarines, US Pacific Fleet (ComSubPac). Your mission is to deploy your boats with maximum effect to destroy Japanese shipping, while limiting your own submarine losses.

Featured scenarios cover actions ranging from famous short single sub patrols, through small campaigns of about a year of the war, ending with the grand campaign covering the entire Pacific War. The game map breaks the Pacific into Operations Areas that subs move through as they patrol in search of Japanese shipping.

Special rules feature historical events that occurred during the war, ULTRA intelligence information reports, torpedo quality improvements, wolfpack capabilities,
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