Silk Wall Hanging 1800-1825 EASTERN CULTURE

Silk Wall Hanging. Made of silk, multi-colored, circa 1800-1825, and its origin that of one of the Eastern cultures, but not of China nor Japan.

The piece is approximately 70.5" high x approximately 45" wide. The base color was probably cobalt blue or black.

The central design consist of a seated Vishnu figure 25" high x 20.5. Behind him are two female figures, seated on cushions, watching him. The three figures have halos around their heads, and t is a halo of three borders around the entire subject.

In the upper section of the hanging are three male figures, approximately 10-3/4" high x 8-3/4". each different, and all in Meditative poses watching the central figures. The man in the center is holding a sacred book, and one of the others apperas to be in a state of wonderment.

The hands of each figure in the hanging are decorated with jewelry.

The main border, which is tattered, is 3" wide. The bottom border simulates mountain scenes.

Has been kept wrapped in rice paper.

Frame shown in photo isnt included