The Silver Age begins...Enter Green Lantern 1959 style National Comics sericel

Late in 1999, Universal Studios of Central Florida began to wind down a five year investment of transforming Orlando into one of the country's leading centers for television and film production. Though in previous years production groups regularly produced material in town to avoid the high union wages of the west coast, both at Universal and MGM Studios, high players like Viacom pulled out...taking with them the syndicated likes of SeaQuest, Superforce, Swamp Thing, SuperBoy...assorted Wrestling and Roller Derby programs...a live action Tarzan show... To this day, investors and producers remain in courts sorting out the mess. I know little of how they did things at MGM, but I worked for a number of people stationed at Universal's 22A of some twenty-two independent companies.

This is a prototype of a kind of limited edition sericel product one of these companies intended to offer theme park and mall-type shops. The companies did not sign on, and this artwork, and others like it, were never made available in retail channels.

Introducing the new Green Lantern, 1959...the jet age has launched!

Offered this week... The Silver age of comics begin! Presenting...The all new Flash! The Green Lantern! The Justice League of America! plus... Conan the Barbarian , and from Archie Comics, Betty and Veronica
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