This a beautiful antique silver tray or platter. It is unique in design all around the edges. It has an old antique looking design and the plate weighed 2.8lbs. The middle of the tray has a lunt design that's carved with flowery all over it. Although this plate is old, but it is looking excellent. The back of this platter has a red plate planted on its back that stating "Eloquence Lunt Silverplate" Also it is signed or marked on the back of the plate "HCEP iaec", written very tiny. On the side of its back has also a pre-printed name "LUNT A-90". The plate has little tiny scratches, though it is not really notice unless you hold it so close. The size of this platter is 13 inches wide.

This piece is great to show off with your visitors if you are to serve beverages. Great looking item and it is an ANTIQUE piece. The age is unknown.

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