Silver Art Round Deluxe Box 5 Encapsulations Complete

In this listing you are buying one Black felt like as shown size around 4 X 7 X 1 inch heavy steel 5 slot gift box. This has a satin back spring loaded lid a deluxe gift box that will keep your Silver Art in great condition. (a Gift Box that will include 5 two piece encapsulations for any standard art round sized 38 mm or smaller) as shown for any Silver Art Round so you can customize your own set as it will be fitted with the 5 two piece encapsulations. Included will be the outside sleeve as shown; It will be shipped for only $1.00, $6.00 international (shipping applies at one box per five ingot, were standard postage is paid). Only when it is purchased the same time you purchase the ingots from our store or at any of our auctions, just ask for a total. You are buying NO Silver in this listing: In our store you will find many rare bars and rounds, including many New Silvertowne Bars and Rounds. I will always combine shipping with more then one bar or Round.

We prefer PayPal, T is no charge to the buyer and you can use your Bank or a credit card. We are no longer able to receive Money Orders or any other paper payments for your purchases. If you want insurance please let us know as this will be an extra cost, (Insurance can not be offered outside of the USA only proof of mailing) as I can not be responsible for an item after
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