SILVER Bombers 18g - 90% Front Loaded Soft Tip Darts

SILVER Bombers 18 Grams 90% Front Loaded Darts Short Barrel - Deadly Accurate Use BUY IT NOW and we will include a large case, extra flights, shafts, tips +++

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We were asked to manufacture these darts for one of our best local players. We have only 10 sets of the darts available. These are a magnificant set of Front Loaded 90% Tungsten darts. If you have ever wondered about owning a set of HammerHead® GTs but did not want to pay the $85+ then these could be the darts that you are looking for. Before handing over that kind of money be certain that the front loaded style suits you.

Many professional players choose a front loaded dart because they believe it is easier to throw. That means that you place less effort into throwing the dart and more effort into aiming the dart. The extra weight at the front of the dart pulls the dart towards the board. The dart should hit the board front down which means more board to aim for when you go to throw darts two and three.

The 90% Tungsten barrel also means a slimmer dart
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