Silver Buffalo Coins UNC 1oz. Fine .999 Beautiful Gift!

Silver Buffalo Round 1 oz. .999 Fine Silver

This coin makes the PERFECT GIFT, and will keep on giving because Silver is a GREAT INVESTMENT!

Uncirculated... and SHINES BRIGHT... These are getting HARDER and HARDER to FIND!

These one troy ounce silver "rounds" celebrate one of the most popular designs in U.S. history—the buffalo nickel. The iconic images of the Indian and buffalo have wowed collectors ever since the nickels were minted in 1913. These privately minted non-legal tender rounds are an affordable way to accumulate "buffs" and silver at the same time. Excellent way to start your collection, and makes the PERFECT GIFT!

Packaged Nicely in Plastic Casings


UNCIRCULATED, Handled... ONE TIME to put in the CASING. Even then I wear white gloves


I charge $2.50 for any FIRST ounce that you win. Each ounce after that is FREE Shipping! If you win/purchase 5 ounces or more then I will waive the initial $2.50 Shipping FEE, and ALL shipping is FREE! If you think that $2.50 for shipping the 1st ounce is too expensive then please do NOT bid on my items. My goal is to obtain a 5 star rating in all categories. I give 7 days to pay for your items after you win... so don't hesitate to bid on more. ALL shipping is combined!

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