Silver Coin US 5 Dollar 1991 AH-64 Gulf War commemorati

Extremely rare, large, thick, heavy US vintage 1991 first legal 5.00 Silver Gulf War coin in fascinating condition for 20 years amazingly uncirculated still in highest mint quality as seen. The coin commemorates the AH-64 Apache Helicopter used during Desert Storm. The research indicated coprunickel content in this highly rare 5.00 first legal tender coin although Im not entirely sure looking sparkling great for age. Other one dollar coins issued for Desert Storm commemoratives were .99 silver so this 5 dollar commemorative coin also appears to be similar looking but is coprunickel as researched. I never opened them upon purchasing them new. Great for nice BU value on this extremely rare first 5.00 US tender overseas coin or for collectibles since they remain best on display. The case is in excellent quality with no tears, no cracks, no stains nor any bends the way they have been preserved for many years in storage. The brochure encased in this coin explains the first ever 5.00 legal US tender coin and the vehicle stats. I will only ship to US and Canada and delivery includes tracking confirmation parcel post delivery. Im selling cheap to relocate, thanks.