2 Silver Coins Repulique Francaise Indo Chine 27 Gr. ea

2 1908 Coins - Repulique Francaise Piastre De Commerce First off, I know NOTHING about these coins. I obtained them at a local auction. On the front of the coin it reads Republique Francaise 1908. On the back are the following: Indo Chine Francaise, Piastre De Commerce, and TITRE 0.900 Poids 27 Gr. Indo Chine Francaise ("French Indo-China") refers to what is now Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
Sold As Is so PLEASE, ask questions before bidding. Starting bid is just $5.00 per coin! Sorry, this item is only up for bids to the lower 48 United States. No International Shipping.
Thanks for Looking!!!!!!!