Nice silver drachm of Samprati (ca.216-207 BC), Mauryan Empire, India (G/H 574)

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Silver punch drachm of Samprati (ca.216-207 BC), Pataliputra mint, Mauryan Empire, Ancient India

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Notes: Five punch-mark symbols (see below) / A single punch-mark (dot surrounded by arrows and crescents). Irregular flat silver planchet, 17mmx14mm, 3.36 grams. Pataliputra mint. Gupta/Hardaker ISPC VI IV F 145 (#574); Mitchiner ACW 4195-4196.
Samrati Samprati was an emperor of Maurya dynasty who reigned from ca. 216-207 BCE. He was the son of Ashoka's blind son, Kunala. He succeeded his cousin, Dasharatha as emperor of the Mauryan Empire and ruled almost the entire present-day Indian subcontinent. Emperor Samprati is poorly highlighted in history. He is regarded as the "Jain Ashoka" for his patronage and efforts to spreading Jainism in east India.
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