SILVER Goldberg 35mm Film Movie Reel Home Theater Table

SILVER 35mm Goldberg Film Reel Table

+ 600 Feet Of Developed Movie Film Wound on Reel

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Just The Facts Overview:

What a great decoration item for your media room or Home Theater! This auction is for a very cool looking 35mm Film Reel Table. The table is 23" high and includes a tempered glass top that is 19 and 1/4" in diameter. The glass top overlaps the reel by about 2 inches on all sides providing a large surface area to store all of the items you want to keep handy-snacks, drinks, remotes, etc.

Vintage Reel - Own A Piece of Old Hollywood!

The steel, 15" 35mm Goldberg Brothers reel was used to store and ship 35mm movies and has been refinished in a silver metalic color. This is not a newly minted product of the modern era, but a an authentic slice of old Hollywood that is certain to have seen many feet of film wrapped around it during its lifetime! I pick only the best reels available and carefully recondition
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