Have here a lot of Silver coins, 1. 71 count of Roosevelt silver dimes tranished some have pink paper on back one in holder is 1948-d has BU on holder it is nice, has the three 1949s, d,p but have pink paper on back. 2. 33 count mercury dimes most have pink paper on back and tarnish, allso in photo two silver washington quarters and one 10k Gold ring that i found out in street shoveling Snow it is in bad shape but it is 10k Gold. 3. Six franklin halves and three 1964 Kennedys the one in holder is nice. Three 1971 Uncirculated Eisenhower Silver dollars in there sealed wrap with blue covers these would make a nice X=Mas gift these are 40% silver. WW11 silver Nickels in holder used nickles all 11, also two sterling silver candle holders marked Crown Sterling weighted the raw silver I would think would be more then a ounce. 4. 12 count 40%silver kennedys some are very nice... thats 104 silver dimes, 2 quarters, 9 halves, 12 40% halves, 11 silver nickles in hold, 3 Ike 40% silver uncs in original wrap, one 10k ring bad shape, 2 sterling candle holders has dings... Paypal, Free Prioity Mail lower forty eight states normal type deliverys. was offered $100 at pawn store said thet have to make money to ?.

Thank You Gary, Will try and answer all questions