SILVER OVERLAY VASE 6" graceful, elegant Art Nouveau flower design! AS IS

This beautiful little vase looks brown at first, but when held to the light it is actually a rich, deep purple. There is one central long-stemmed flower overlaid in silver in the Art Nouveau style, and a thin glaze of silver on the gracefully wavy lip at the top. Because of the design and form, I estimate that it was made around the turn of the 20th century.
PLEASE NOTE: There are some flaws to this piece, visible only on careful inspection.The tip of the lowermost flower petal has broken off. There is also a stem with bud missing, not noticeable by the inexpert eye, but it means that the piece is not perfect. Therefore the vase is offered AS IS. It is, however, still a lovely and graceful piece.
The overlaid silver isn't just painted on - it's a thin layer, though I can't find a marking anywhere that shows maker or purity of the metal. The vase is 6 inches tall and 2.25" in diameter at its fattest point.
There is very light wear to the bottom and lip, to be expected in a vintage or antique glass vase.
Packed very carefully for shipping.