Silver Roman finger ring size “R” with an inscribed Scorpion – Solid - Wearable

Silver Roman finger ring size “R” with an inscribed Scorpion – Very solid and wearable

I purchased the item many years ago, it was described as roman but have not had this confirmed

or researched it

Please note:

I do not deal in artefacts; I am selling my entire collection of approx 800 items to finance my next house move. If you do not want the item please do not bid or waste my time with an

essay explaining that I have described the item as 2 nd century, not 3 rd . I do not work at the British museum or have a degree in metallurgy or ancient history and I have no free time to

reply to you. My collection was collected over the last 20 years from various dealers, shops etc. I describe my items to the best of my knowledge and ability and include anything I was

told about the item when it was purchased. Most of my items have been dot treated in a discreet area with “Smart-water” should they ever be stolen, after purchase, please let me know

as the police will contact me if they are ever recovered. It will take me a long time to list all my items so please feel free to email me at with your requirements

and I will let you know when I am going to list any items that maybe of interest.

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