Silver storage Treasure Chest boxes (2 lot), up to 600 oz silver storage.

All items are new and in excellent working condition.
This storage lot includes:
- 1 Treasure Pirate Wooden Boxes - Each pirate box has 8 metallic edges for strong support and an extra layer of wood support on the top, front and back side so the boxes can also be stacked.
- Each box can store a total of about 350 oz of hand poured silver.
- Dimensions - 8 inches long, 6 inch width, 3 inch height. (pirate wooden boxes)
- 1 Treasure Chest Wooden Box - Has art work on the side edges and the arch is made for heavy duty.
- Dimensions - 5 1/4 inch long, 3 1/2 inch width, 3 1/2 inch height.
- This Chest can store a total of 250 oz of hand poured silver.
- All 2 silver storage boxes are able to store a total of 600 oz of silver.
Happy Holidays Great Gift for Silver Stackers
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