SILVER STREAK COMICS #6 FLASHBACK ALAN LIGHT IN VF CONDITION - This is a golden age reprint from the 70'spublished by SPECIAL EDITION REPRINTS ( also called FLASHBACK) editor Alan Light, the interior is in black and white. Some of these have either a stamp or a sticker inside from the "Real Free Press"
I have bought the last part of Olaf Stoop's Collection which contained a very large number of rare underground comics, magazines, books and golden age reprints
I've written a small explanation for those of you that are too young to have spend time in Amsterdam during the late 60's early 70's and are tfore probably not all to familiar with the names "Real Free Press" and Olaf Stoop. For those of you who did buy and read underground comics and visited Amsterdam during in this period, chances are you know who Olaf Stoop is.
Robert Olaf Stoop (march 6th 1946 - march 3rd 1999) was born in Amsterdam and grew up with his mother in Indonesia. He made posters for "provo magazine" and got involved with comics in the 1960's. In 1966 he self-published his comic "de lotgevallen van Rosa" which can be considered to be the first European underground comic. He founded the famous publishing house "the real Free Press" , the lost connection for solid facts, to Stoop, according who ran the operation from a hole in the wall shop on Oude
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