silver tea urn

Antique Sheffield Silver Tea Urn

Ca.early 18th C

This piece which is in perfect condition, has great patina and not much wear. The copper underneath is showing in very few areas like around the edges of the base (shown in pic). The base is square with chamfered edges, resting on bun feet. The hourglass stem in intact and undamaged. The orb shaped body has a circumferencing grooved band which intersects two silver ring handles with the same detailing. The lid (or top) is also inserted into a banded ring and terminates into a finial top of a small bun shape. The stem for the finial is pierced for ventialltion. The fully working spout has a wooden knob in perfect conditon. Inside the orb is a cylinder for putting hot coals or an iron bar to keep the water hot, it too has a silver lid, all concealed beneath the larger top. This piece was lacquered to save the silver from constant polishing aboout 10 years ago, and has some small tarnishing underneath. I have used this piece exactly as it was intended 200 years ago and its in fully functional condition