Silversides SS-236 Submarine7th Patrol Johore Maru Sunk

Aloha! This auction is for an actual photo taken from the deck of the Silversides on the 7th War Patrol Oct. 5 to Nov. 8 1943. Picture is 5"x7" with white border and has notation on picture lower right corner "Silver-3 Roll 4". On the back is hand written, "Johore Maru sunk 7th patrol 2 torpedoes +48 rounds of 4 inch 50". Picture is in good condition for @67 years old, Not perfect has a fold at left bottom corner some waviness along top and bottom margins/borders extending maybe 1/2inch into actual picture not damaged just wavy. Back has some light yellowing and little spots that do not affect actual image, also present is a very light stamp that reads "PRISIC Confidential Negative No.____ Subject:" also a hand written "&".A very nice addition to anyone's Submarine or Silversides SS-236 collection! My father was an officer on the Silversides for war patrols 1-9 during WWII.
According to the war patrol record, Commander Coye allowed many of the crew to come topside and view the final demise of the freighter Johore Maru. Commander Coye new that this was a "once in a life time opportunity" to watch the ship sink before their eyes and would be a great morale booster.
Lots more original Silversides items, like pictures, and memorabilia even the actual Commissioning pennant that flew from the Silversides on December 15,194
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