Silversmith's workbench-hand tools for most everything


You are looking at my Dad's workbench. Some 30 years of silversmithing, cab setting, polishing, designing, etc. has been done at this bench. Some of the tools are that old. MOST of the tools have been purchased in the last 15 years, and used less and less as time has passed.

An attempt at describing what is is as follows, but not all's just too hard to list everything.

Bracelet mandrel-hardwood, ring mandrel-steel, wire soldering stand, charcoal soldering block(s), soldering pads (2), asbestos protector piece, fire brick for soldering, soldering tweezers, 2-small desk top type alligator clamp devices for soldering (one with a magnifying spectacle, 13 pr. pliers-- round square, bent, large and small on some types, bezel cutters, side cutters etc; one pair snips, 2 sets plastic ring guages, some dremel bits, some chemicals--silver black, flux, ochre, pickle, a nice little hanger bracket for torch, two (different sizes) jeweler's saw with approx 10 blades for each, an old ring sizer (I think), dapping block--sort of a home made affair, but it works, it is mainly used to stamp in patterns such as Zuni designs, a variety of hammer/mallets from small brass to larger leather, and more odds and ends. T actually is more, but listed in other listings...files, stamps,
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