Simmonds, Prof Knife Sharpening Sanding Stick + 60 Pads

Simmonds, Prof Knife Sharpening Sanding Stick + 60 Pads k151L Item Offered For Sale: New This item is from: The S. F. Simmonds Collection of New Tools Trade moslty applied: Woodworking The Quality of this item is: Professional Grade You will gain: Excellent Results Retail Store Price: $39.95 This item will be shipped: USPS Priority Location: H Sku: tH-4011

S. F. Simmonds Ironmongers

is proud to present the following item for sale from our fine collection of Professional Trade Tools.

It does not matter if you are a knife maker, knife restorer, or collector who wants a sharp blade, this outstanding set will solve your problems. This set is sold extensively to the professional jewelry trade for work on precious metals, and lends itself well to the cutlery trade. Our set consists of the 1" by 11" Paddle Stick upon which the Sanding strips are placed. Once installed the tool gives you a 5" by 1" flat sanding surface on both sides. The tool works the same as a file, except it leaves no file marks to be removed. In fact many use this tool for removing their file marks. Our set comes with the handle and 60 strips which are as follows. 20 @ 120 grit , 20 @ 240 grit, and 20 @ 400 grit. And of course you can cut your own paper to suit your personal needs. A fine quality tool that after your first use, it will quickly become
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