Will Simmons 1936 Christmas card

1936 Christmas card / etching by artist Will Simmons (1884 - 1949).

The artwork is 4" H x 3" W. The card says "Good Cheer!" and has "Gina and Will Simmons" printed on the bottom, center.

A bit of research tells me that Simmons was known from nature sketches, etchings and sculptures. Otherwise, I confess to knowing less than nothing about art. I do know that this piece was sent to Smithsonian art curator Ruel Tolman, and is one of several holiday-themed cards from Simmons in his collection.

I'm hoping this piece will find a good home. At the same time, I would appreciate any information you can provide about the artist, the picture and/or anything else possibly related to the piece.

Thanks in advance for your time and expertise Bob