Simon & Garfunkel Boxer 45 Gold Record + Concert Ticket

Simon & Garfunkel Boxer 45 Gold Record + Concert Ticket

is a 14.5" by 11.5" professionally framed, wood, glass and matted, Simon & Garfunkel 24k Gold plated, 45 Record of "The Boxer" along with a replica concert ticket, from a 1983 concert in Shea Stadium. Great record with cartwheel effect.

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Shipping weight is 3 pounds including box and packing materials.

We have been hired to sell a collection of over 200 framed gold/platinum records from a closed bar/restaurant that had a rock-n-roll theme. These were plated (metalized) from the actual record, retaining the label, then framed and a replica concert ticket(s) added. Record is not playable. Most of the records we'll be selling in the near future were never displayed. This one was never displayed. Their is a COA on the back stating this is a one of a kind, original plated record produced as a collectible and has no affiliation with RIAA.

I have had a few email questions asking if this is a "real" gold record. Although not a official RIAA award, this actual vinyl record, purchased used on the open market, is unaltered, factory released pressing and was processed with the same plating method as the award records you see
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