SIMON & HALBIG K&R - 26" Antique German Doll BEAUTIFUL

This is a beautiful Simon & Halbig 26" K&R Bisque body composition Doll with a Simon & Halbig Porcelain Head

Beautifully painted, Her Blue eyes are made of glass and they seem to look all directions depending on the angle that her head is tilted. ( missing some eye lashes - paint on eye lids is worn off - seen when eyes are closed only )

She has a deliquet little open mouth with four precious teeth.

Her head is marked SIMON & HALBIG followed by K&R and the number 68 at the base of her neck ( this number indicates the size of the doll in centimeters )

She does not show a mold number. She is in good condition. Her limbs are all intact and she is held together with an inner stringing system ( arms and legs and head tied with inner elastic styled rope) . She has a few spots of wear on her body. She has a few areas on her arms and legs and back of foot that show wear and some small attempts to repair cracked surface ( see pictures for details ) - Her body ( front and back ) are in excellent condition.

Front good Arm has repair Back side great Joints show wear Leg shows what seems to be a fracture in the bisque- repaired with small piece missing small chip in back of foot

Her hands indicate that she spent alot of time holding someones hand... The fingers are all accounted

She has an open crown head and her wig is made of human hair ( net like hair piece that covers the opening in the top of the head with a stran of human hair running in a circular form around the head and pulled back to form a bun).

I photographed her in a new dress so that I could present her in a snazzie fashion. She originally came with layers of Antique clothing, but I did not feel that those cloths did her any justice.

The clothes that will be shipped with this doll include - Bloomers "pantilooms", A silk set of under garments ( fine thin faded hint of blue silk - with intriquet detailed stitching - worn- very antique ), A hand embroidered ivory colored skirt, Two winter coats ( white wool coat with blue faded collar and a red plad wool short coat ) and a small button up sweater with the tag attached that reads SAXONY Brand. She also has the remnents of what was her botton up shoes. These have fallen apart but I will include them in with her clothing.

Please feel free to ask any questions about this beautiful doll.

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