Simpson, Hall, Miller Co. silverplate bride basket

Beautiful silverplate bride basket manufactured my Simpson, Hall, Miller Co. of Wallingford, CT. sometime between 1866 to 1899. The bowl is etched with water lilly pads and wheat like branches.

T is a monogram in the center and I think it is "MEH". The edge of the bowl is turned down with flowers leaves decorating it all around. The handle is decorated with a flower and leaves. Does show some ware. T is a dent in the edge and the bowl looks to be bent slightly. Some silver loss but not a lot and it does polish up nicely. Very pretty piece.

Size: 10 3/4 inches high with the handle up and 9 inches across. Weight: 36.4 oz.

Markings: A circle with "Simpson, Hall, Miller Co. +", Quadruple plate and a funny little symbol in the center. Under the circle is the number "1713". The last 2 numbers look like they were stamped over others.

Condition: Fair used condition. Other than the items list above the piece is in good condition and looks good when polished up.


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