Simpson's Lot WOS Intelli-Tronic NRFB HUGE 11 PC LOT Snake Frink Gums Mel Ned

Hello - Thanks for looking at my auction!! I am NOT a re-seller or a store or anything like that. I am just a regular guy that is trying to keep a happy wife! We had a beautiful, bouncing baby girl and it is time to sell off some of my man collection to make room for baby girl items... Bye-bye to action figures and hello to princesses (and other pink stuff)!! My entire collection has been VERY well taken care of. We are a non-smoking household and all items have been boxed, out of sunlight and stored in a cool dry place. Some items do have slight scuffs on the windows, age spotting or box bends. I will include those details in the listing and try to take pictures of any noticed damage.
This is a The Simpson's Action Figure Lot. All figures are new in the box and have never been opened. Some figures may have price tags, slight box bends and/or window scuffs / bends but they in no way affect the figures inside. This lot features...
Larry Burns - Asst No 199430 - Stock No 199436
Professor Frink - Asst No 199220 - Stock No 199226
Patty Bouvier - Asst No 199200 - Stock No 199203
Kearney - Asst No 199240 - Stock No 199241
Snake - Asst No 199220 - Stock No 199222
Bleeding Gums Murphy - Asst No 199220 - Stock No 199223 Ned Flanders - Asst No 99100 - Stock No 99115 Rainier Wolfcastle
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