Sinclair Spectrum ZX Personal Computer and Software

Sinclair ZX SPECTRUM 48K RAM Personal Computer with Sinclair ZX SPECTRUM Introduction Booklet and BASIC programming manual.

Leads for connection to a monitor & cassette player and ZXpower supply are included.

The following software is also part of this sale:

Horizons Software starter pack

Spectrum 48K: The Complete Machine Code Tutor

Spectrum 48K: Computer Scrabble

Spectrum 48K: Chuckie Egg

Spectrum 48K: Wheelie

Spectrum 48K: Manic Miner

Spectrum 48K: The Hobbit

Also included:

Boots Guide to - The ZX Spectrum

Alan Radnor & Howard Kahn -Choosing and Using a MICROCOMPUTER with 18 ready-to-run programs


Device recently powered up -as can be seen in the attached image, and the PC appears to be in good working order. Some paint has lifted at the sides of the key board but this is cosmetic.

The included Software has not been tested recently but has been stored in the original packaging.

Screen shown in the attached image is not included in the sale .