Two Sindy Horses, one poseable, with Trap, Saddles and Bridles

These were my own toys as a child, but I got them second-hand as it was!
I like to think I looked after my toys, and as such they lasted for their previous owner, me, and my sister, and are still doing pretty well a few decades later!
In this lot we have:
Dark Brown "fixed" horse (no movable parts). From ~1979 I understand.
Poor horsey has lost her tail. It would not be difficult to attach a new one.
There are slight surface scratches from storage, and one of her ears was broken, but repaired.
Blonde "poseable" horse. This one was my favourite!
My dad was a great "vet" and managed to repair her broken back legs. It's hardly noticeable from a distance, and both legs still have full movement. Genius.
Blue Trap with harnesses and bridle
Good but not perfect condition
2x tan saddle and bridle sets
1x dark brown side saddle and bridle set
1x "western" style saddle and bridle set (this is missing the strap that goes underneath, but as children we used a pretty ribbon.
Everything is from a smoke-free home.
This is a large item to package, and due to the fragile nature of Sindy items, the postage and packing cost reflects this.
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