Sing Together Singing Carolers Interactive Infrared NEW

Singing Caroler Interacts with each other by Infrared

Available for purchase is an Infrared, Interactive Singing Caroler

Press My Hand, I Sing A Christmas Song For You!!

"We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

Get into the Christmas spirit, delight and amuse your friends and neighbors with this unique little Singing Caroler
~ Display 2 or more so they can Interact. Each Caroler will sing their part as they all sing together...
~ Complete Operation and Battery Instructions Included.
~ Requires 3 "AA", 1.5V Batteries (removed for product safety)
~ NOTE: Be sure when ordering you pair up the Carolers which sing the same song... This one sings 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'.

Singing Caroling Male
Holding a Red Velvet-covered Carol booklet, with golden musical notes dancing across the back
Collect them all!!!

This little Caroling Guy is dressed in a warm, Black Plaid Jacket, lined in brown. He wears a Black hat over his white hair, and his large moustache. Spectacles perch atop his nose. His pants are brown, which match his scarf. He wears a warm Brown scarf that is thrown over his shoulder. His Black cap is trimmed with Black Plaid band. The toes of his warm, Black Felt boots just show. His hair and skin are made of soft fleece material.
The Infrared is disguised
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