Singer 221 featherweight sewing machine SERVICED, NICE!

I been fortunate enough to find another nice Singer featherweight at a local estate sale and I am offering it without reserve. This is the model 221 with the serial number AM142296 indicating it was made between the years 1955 and 1957. It has been completely oiled and greased and seems to be running in tip top condition. I haven't actually sewed with it because I have no idea how to do that but it runs smoothly and sounds very good. The cosmetic condition is also very nice. It has some light wear in the form of scratches in the painted table surface but none of these are deep enough to even penetrate through the paint to the metal below. It's just normal wear from using the machine. All the gold detail paint is excellent. The side plate of the motor has some scratches in it from sliding the machine in and out of the case. T is a nut on the inside of the hinge that rubs on the motor cover when you lift it out if you aren't careful and this has happened many times over the years. See the pictures for details.The light still works. The foot pedal is nice and the wires are still soft, flexible and free from any cracks. T is a box of attachments which again I have no idea what they do but you should be able to recognize them from the photos. The original manual is included as well as the key to lock the case. These keys ALWAYS got lost ... read more