Singer 99-13 Sewing Machine circa 1925 w/Case

For yourreview and consideration is this vintage Singer Model 99-13 Sewing Machine with Bent Wood Carry Case. The model 99 is a 3/4 size version of the very common Model 66 Sewing Machine; it uses the same parts and attachments as the Model 66. This is the “portable” version and comes with the domed wooden carry case (probably walnut) with a wood handle all in good condition and expectable signs of wear. There are a few nicks and scratches but the wood color is uniform on all sides. It is missing the slide plate over the bobbin but amazingly, there is a seller on eBay selling slide plates to fit this model! See “Item #170485017640 for Singer Model 66 or 99 Sewing Machine Slide Plate ~ Part # 32569”. The motor runs quietly when the foot pedal is depressed and the needle moves freely up and down. It appears to be in working condition but the machine could probably use a good service. The bulb in the light needs replacing and there is no key to open the case. I used a small thin screwdriver but an Allen wrench might suffice. The cover on the manual is gone but the rest of it is intact. The Singer decal across the top is worn but the black paint is in good condition and t he Singer medallion is in excellent condition. Note the etched plate on the end! The inside of the case is sturdy and clean. This unit closed measures 12 ¼ inches tall ... read more