Singer "99K" Sewing Machine: 1952 (WORKS!!!!)

CAT. NO. BZ 15-8
110-120 VOLTS, 0.53 AMPS
25-75 C.Y.C & D.C.
You are bidding on a 1952 "99k" model Singer Sewing Machine.
It comes in a carrying case. Case has wear and tear from use and what appears to be water staining on the bottom.
The machine body was made in Great Britain, however the motor says it was made in the USA. It's black with gold "Art Deco" style trim. The body has some scuffing from regular use.
The lamp does not work (probably just needs a new bulb), but the machine runs like it was brand new (super fast!!!).
This machine doesn't have its original accessories or instructions, but does come with the following:
2 spools of thread
1 box of white-headed pins
1 pack of Premium Ball Point Yellow Band needles (one is missing)
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