Singer Featherweight 221 Blackside WW2 model RARE

We have a 221 Blackside Featherweight in nice used condition. If you don't know what a blackside is it was made during war conditions when nickel was scarce and some of the parts were not shiney but look like a black oxide coating. On this machine the scroll faceplate is black and 4 of the bobbins too. The stitch length cover is also different than the standard machine.The serial number is AG013157 which dates it to7/1/1941. The finish is still bright and shiny with minimal scratching and chipping.T is some wear on the leading edge that is normal for a used machine of this age. The machine comes with 5 bobbins, 1 black screw driver and case with tray. Look at all the pictures closely and ask questions. I will refund money less postage if not as described. Payment will be by check or US Postal Money Order.