Singer Featherweight 221 matte wrinkle w/case 1938 NM+

This super RARE machine comes fresh from a belmont MA estate. If this were a regular shiney black machine it would still be the nicest, most original Featherweight I have owned. I have probably had 15-20 of these over the years and this is by far the cleanest most complete and coolest of them all. It includes all the feet, the screwdrivers, needles, super nice instruction manual, keys still in thier original envelope, lead top oil can, grease tube in the box, etc etc. The wrinkle finish is in amazing condition. T is no rust. T is a small nick to the lip below the small pulley. T is a white paint rub of about 3/8" on the back corner edge of the fold down bed. T is a bit of dust and t, but this machine is in great shape. The power cord is old and dry rotted, It could not be safely plugged in. I dis use the controller from another featherweight to verify that this one works. It runs smooth with the original leather belt. Ordinarily I would have the belt and cord replaced prior to listing a Featherweight, but this is no ordinary Featherweight!Everything is original and as found. The paperwork includes the original factory inspection cards, as well as the book which documents a check-up in 1940. The case hase some rippling to the fabric, and the handle is dry and should probably be replaced. Machines such as this are rarely seen. You ... read more