I am updating with a little new information that someone emailed and told me about this machine.This machine has the rare 700F motor that was only used on a handful of AH Series machines. The 700F is the only 3-110 motor with Singer written on it. This is one of the rarest 221 feather weight motors.The machine is used but seems to be in good shape. I don't know anything about these machines but when you plug it in and step on the pedal the motor turns the wheel and the wheel makes the needle go up and down. It seems to run at one speed and it is quiet. There is no rust but some scuffs on the paint in spots, it does look really good but not brand new please check out the pictures. It comes with a case but it is not in real good shape one of the latches is missing and it has an old smell to it, the handle is secure and you can carry it around. Like I said I am not an expert but it seems to work good and looks good. The only thing I see wrong with it is it has a plastic screw on the motor that is chipped off but still works and should be easy to replace. It has many attachments and parts, it has a button hole attachment and the owners manual with other parts and pieces you can see in pictures. Buyer pays shipping and may be more for California bidders.