Singer fiddlebase sewing machine from 1889 "Victorian"decal pattern - antique!!

This antique beauty was made in the elegant Victorian age! The serial number is 8711039 -- according to the Singer website, this machine was manufactured in 1889. It wears the ornate "Victorian" decal pattern and sports an unusual "fiddlebase" design that brings to mind images of the wasp-waisted corsets this machine's former owners may have sewn with it once upon a time. Decals are a bit worn, which is to be expected with a machine of this age, especially since it was probably an "everyday use" item when it was new. Please see photos -- the machine is a "vibrating shuttle" model, and the shuttle is present in the machine. As with many of the older treadle and hand crank machines, this Singer was modified to accommodate an electric motor (Mercury brand), and is also fitted with an electric light, which makes for greater visibility when sewing. (I suspect the modification was done around the 1930s, as the plugs and housing appear to be bakelite (it smells like it when you do the "rub test") and they have an Art Deco appearance. The outlets are marked "motor" and "light." The light is functional, the motor works (belt occasionally slips a little -- it may need to be replaced with a tighter belt), the foot control pedal works, and I don't see any reason why the machine would not do the job it was intended to do, as it moves freely and ... read more