Single Cutaway Electro Acoustic Guitar - Damaged RRP £70

Single Cutaway Electro Acoustic Guitar

RRP £70

Please note, this item is being sold as damaged and without warranty.

The head-stock has broken off, (see images.)

The nut and the top fret are missing.

This damage occurred in transit from the supplier and otherwise the instrument is new.

For repair or spare parts.

Please note B Stock is not available for collection from the Gear4music showroom and will only be

sent by courier.

Original Product Description

Single Cutaway Electro Acoustic Guitar — The Single Cutaway Electro Acoustic Guitar by Gear4music is the perfect solution for any guitarist looking for versatility, style and value with their acoustic sound. It can alternatively provide for any electric guitar player looking for an acoustic guitar as a quality second instrument, representing reliability at an unmatched low cost.

More details:

Uses Beyond The Standard Acoustic

The SCG-1E-NT has a single cutaway which allows players greater access to the higher frets compared with the standard acoustic guitar. Good solid tone is provided from the Spruce top and Rosewood bridge, and the built in preamp allows you to plug in directly to any full-range amplifier ensuring, no matter what the venue, you'll always be heard.

Well-Balanced Sound
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