Sir Francis Bacon's Cipher Story - Rare 5+1 Book Set

Sir FrancisBacon’s Cipher Story as discovered and decipd by Orville W. Owen, M.D. (Set comprising Books I, II, III, IV, V) plus additional Book I which has Announcements, Press Reviews, and an additional writing by Owen not contained in the 5 book set. These are the original books that were published between 1893 & 1895. The books contained in the 5 book set are protected by sturdy plastic protective covers and have clean text. On one of the books page edges t is an ink stain or splotch but it doesn’t bleed into the inner pages w the stain is except t is a small thin line along the edge of the pages w it is. The set is pretty much in the condition it was when I originally bought it many years ago (way over 10 years). I purchased the 5 book set alone for at least $350. The additional Book I with the extra material mentioned was purchased separately. The books contain the photo of Orville Owen as well as the very interesting “wheel” he constructed which he used to help him decipher the Bacon texts. These books are in excellent condition for books which are over 115 years old. Must sell today, Sunday, (4/11/10) otherwise I can't let these go for $100.