SiS: Chinle Fossil WOODWORTHIA Petrified Wood Round - Northern Arizona

This large woodworthia slab is a seldom seen petrified wood variety from Northern Arizona. It is found in the Chinle formation and represents some of the best preserved petrified wood in terms of external wood structure that is found in that part of the world. There is a great deal of barite in this wood which does not preserve internal structure as well as agate does, but it still takes a reasonable polish (in fact, this one polished pretty well) and the macro structure of rays leading to the spine scars on the rind are easily visible. The polish we achieve is better than many expect for this type of petrified wood fossil but it is not as glassy as our agatized specimens. A truly unique specimen guaranteed to enhance any collection!

I have only seen maybe a half dozen of the logs from the Northern Arizona deposit that produced this one in all my years of rockhounding. Most are kept whole, but a few are solid enough to allow for nice slabbed specimens. The wood does not polish to the same degree that the highly agatized wood found in the northwest or further south in Arizona does, but it still makes a fine specimen worthy of display in a serious petrified wood collection. The colors are earthy and resemble the desert patina found on stones in the region with subtle dark rusty reds, golds and blacks. Woodworthia is easily
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