SiS: GORGEOUS Madagascar Petrified Wood Round - Amethyst Crystals!

This has got to be one of the most exciting fossil gem woods I've cut in the past few years! It's also the last slab I have from this log that features that incredible knot just below the heart of the log. The incredible color variations preserved in the wood grain are absolutely captivating and the unusual crystal cavities exposed in the cut are unmatched by any log I've cut from this forest. The crystals actually have the faint hint of amethyst and the cavities have the black freckles of goethite needles in them that burst to life with slender black needles growing in the quartz crystals when examined under magnification. This would be an amazing geode, but it's actually a perfect petrified wood cross section! I've seen a lot of Madagascar wood, and some of it is lovely - but I've never seen anything like this! And what else can I say about that incredible color?! It's a true collector piece and with our mirror perfect, wet looking polish it will show proudly in your collection or in your den. The best of the smaller sized rounds we've ever cut, this one even has a nice knot in the face!

This gorgeous, absolutely choice petrified wood round is the latest in a series of really nice, very colorful rounds that we've cut from some short logs we obtained last year in Tucson. This round isn't the typical Pacific Northwest treasure
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