New Sit Down Gas Powered Scooter, 30 mph, Nice Item!

Item Gas Scooter : Please ask for availibility before ordering this item. Gloss Black, Gloss Yellow , Gloss Silver , Gloss Red , & Gloss Blue .

They come with silver step plate but could vary in the color you choose . Please ask for availability and color availabilty or we will send what we have availible. Thank you .

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2-Stroke 43cc
Max. speed: 35km/h. 25mph.
Weight capacity: 250lbs
Engine: 43cc. 35 mph. The 49cc is 1 mph differance.
Distance per tank: 30 miles
Start system: pull start
Ignition method: CDI
Wheels: 9-inch pneumatic tires
Disc brake system
Front Suspension / May or may not come with body suspension spring
Chain driven
Net weight: 50lbs
Dimentions 50" x 22" x 14"

Some assembly required

Free Upgraded Exhaust (shown below) Free Upgraded Chrome Pull Start (shown below) Free Upgraded Shocks (shown below ) Free Upgraded High Performance Carborator Free Upgraded
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