Six 1982 Mexican 1oz. Silver Libertad Coins **BU Condition** ( Silver Eagle )

You arebidding on six 1982 1oz. Silver Libertads . The coins are 1oz of pure silver and are straight from the roll. They show some signs of aging in a light patina but are in Uncirculated condition. The coins you will be receiving are the ones in the pictures so please judge the condition yourself. The picture showing the rim of the coin is NOT one of the coins you will receive. I just wanted to show the writing on the rim and could not get a clear picture.

Silver is a very smart investment with enormous levels of government spending that will most likely never be able to be paid off. Silver also has many other great characteristics for industrial use and it is becoming scarcer by the day. Please do yourself a favor and protect you and your family by buying silver, even if it is not from me.

Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions about any of my online auctions. The coins will be shipped as soon as PayPal payment is received. Insurance/signature will be included in the shipping cost. If you prefer to not get a signature then please let me know.

Thanks and !!!!!!