Six American Sweetheart Pink Depression Tumblers

Six beautiful vintage pink MacBeth-Evans "American Sweetheart" Tumblers from the 1930s.

Tumblers measures 4-1/4" tall and hold 9 ounces.

CONDITION: These tumblers are in superb condition with no scratches, chips or repairs. No signs of use whatsoever.

A fantastic set of six Depression era glasses to add to, or start a collection. Don't let these pass you by and regret it later!

Seller Note: I received an e-mail from another eBayer who is more knowledgeable on these depressions era tumblers then myself. They asked if the glasses had any factory looking hairline cracks on the bottom. I immediately checked and yes, TWO of these glasses have a hairline crack near the bottom. Sorry I did not catch this apparent flaw before listing, but will admit that I am not a glass person.

They also asked if I would check the top rims and anyw else on them for scratches or other marks. The top rims have no scratches, nicks, chips or flea bites and I can see no other problems or marks on them except for the two that have the bottom hairline crack.