Six Million Dollan Man action figure doll with box and instructions, vintage toy

Vintage toy from the 1970s, from the original owner.
A six million dollar man action figure with all clothing (including socks and shoes), box, engine block, bionic arm implant, bionic eye, and instructions.
The toy was well used, there are some stains on the clothing (which might or might not wash out), the push button in the back doesn't seem to raise the arm anymore, and there was a rubber skin coating over the bionic arm implant which is no longer present.
Also, there is an imprint of the shoe tread on the back of the engine block where there the softener in the shoe plastic caused the harder engine block plastic to change shape and conform to the shape of the shoe (the shoe was undamaged). Perhaps this could be worked into a storyline :)
From a smoke free home.