YOU NEED YOUR GREENS VINTAGE FABRICS c1950s. Acquired with sewing for Cissy in mind.
The palest green tulle - almost but not quite yellow -- is shot with silver. Perfect for a semi-formal dress for a 'fifties fashion doll. 34.5" square. The screen print is the perfect scale for a 20" doll. Soft and smooth, might be rayon and cotton blend. The piece is a triangle of cloth, 35" on the straight grain, 42" on the selvedge, and 49" on the angle. There's actually there's more than that, as both ends of the triangle have additional yardage. Don't worry. It's DEFINITELY enough for a Cissy dress of Alexander fullness with deep hem, full sleeves, etc.
Both of these fabrics are like new. Never used. No fading, no holes, no odors. Never laundered.
The silky mint green rayon print is 44" x 46" plus. Would make luxurious palazzo pants, kimono, or lounging pajamas. Never used, never laundered, no odors, no stains, no fading.
The faille is true emerald green. It's two pieces, joined at the long edge for no known reason. It's never been used. 50" x 9.5" and 50" x 7.5". No stains, no fading, no wear, no damage, never laundered, no odors.
Brick brown quilted cotton with black and lime green pattern is green on the reverse. Very light in weight; not at all too bulky for Cissy and friends. This is another triangle.
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