SIX Vintage Microscope Slide Boxes, with Slides

SIX Vintage Microscope Slide Boxes with Slides

This offer is for SIX slide boxes with slides.

Each slide box is for storage of 25 microscope slides. Each box is constructed of boxwood, with finger-joint corners, unfinished. Interior of each box has numbered slots for 25 slides. Three of the boxes have fitting tops that fit snugly to close the box. On one end of each box is paper identification label (laels have not been written on). Box dimensions are approximately 3.5 x 6.75 x 1.5 inches.

Box exeriors are unfinished. The three tops for three of the boxes are very stained with dark-colored blotches, wood is generally aged. Paper labels on box ends are aged and discolored, torn or wrinkled in portions.

Each box is mostly filled with prepared slides. T are approximately 130 slides in the six boxes (space for 150 slides). Slides were prepared by plant laboratory that was involved in orchid hybridization during the 1950s, and slides are of various orchid hybrids and miscellaneous flower parts. These slides were prepared for viewing and microphotography with a LEITZ Ortholux microscope system, and these slides were stored with the Ortholux equipment for the last 50 years.

Most of the slides have circular labels that identify various orchid hybrid cross breeds; a few also identify various flowers.
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