Sixteen Misc Nightwing Comics plus one - 1996-2011

Sixteen Nightwing comics from various series. Titles are:
Nightwing 2: Gangland Express (Nov 1996 Nightwing 4: Lady Be Deadly (Jan 1997) Nightwing 24: The Forgotten Dead (Sept 1998) Nightwing: Secret Files & Origins #1 (Oct 1999) Storyline: Taking Wing - While unconscious from a fight at Blackgate, Dick has visions of his past. Jason Todd (as Robin) came to him and gave him a Ghost of Christmas past visit. Lost Pages: Teen Titans The Teen Titans try to cheer Robin up on the anniversary of his parents' death. Nightwing's Building - A 3d map of Dick's apartment building. Hangin'-with Tad A day-in-the-life of Nite-Wing. Bludhaven Map - A detailed map of Nightwing's chosen city. Bludhaven Underground Notes - A glance at Nightwing's rogue gallery. Orange you Glad you Didn't say Banana? Dick and Barbara talk about his past flings. Timeline - A look at the history of Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson's Police Academy File - A write-up from Mr. Grayson's academy instructor. Profiles: Nightwing, Haly's Circus, Supporting Cast, Nite-Wing, Brutale, Double Dare, Lady Vic, Shrike, Stallion, Torque, Blockbuster, Bludhaven PD. Nightwing 43: Improper Angles (May 2000) Nightwing: Eighty-Page Giant (Dec 2000) Nightwing: Our Worlds At War - A Time to Die! (Sept 2001) Nightwing 69: Ins and Outs (July 2002) Nightwing 101: Only Robins Have Wings (March
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