Skeeter Skate Vintage Skateboard

You are bidding on a vintage four-wheeled scooter made from aluminum, the "Skeeter Skate" was created around 1945. With a 4 3/8" by 15 3/4" riding surface, this scooter comes with a removable handle and pedal-car style wheels. This device introduces a unique innovation, the first steering axles, or "trucks," which allow riders to turn for the first time.

This scooter has brought children joy over several years. It is in good condition and will steer both left and right with ease. This is a great collectors item or fun for the family.

Once you have won the bid I will happily mail it to you, but you will be responisble for shipment cost. I have checked and shipment will run between $30 and $60 depending on your location.

Good luck and !!!