Skip Switch DVD by Ollie Mealing Great Sleight of Hand move and routines

Brand new and sealed!
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Ollie Mealing’s Skip Switch is a true utility move. A selection is cleanly sandwiched between two cards and LEFT OUTJOGGED from the centre of the deck. In full view the three card packet is removed from the deck- and in that split second, the selection has been swapped for another card!
Once you have learnt the diabolical secret you can perform the Skip Switch anytime, anywhere and with any deck. No gaffs, no insane finger flicking difficulty.
But this DVD is not just the in-depth teaching of a new move. Nope - it’s cram packed with Ollie’s crowd pleasing routines. Eleven (count ‘em) barn storming miracles with a deck of cards.
Edit The Equation
In Hindsight
Optomistic Mix
Home Skip Home
Foolish Tourist
Special Delivery
Palmers Revenge
The Skip Switch Project - get turned on, tuned in and rocked out!
"The Skip Switch is one of the nicest moves I have seen in a long time. Unnatural actions are conspicuous by their absence. If you perform sandwich effects (and I don't know any card magician who doesn't?), this is a must-have addition to your arsenal of sleights."
- Peter Duffie
"With sleight of hand,
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