This is a SKOAL cuspidor / spittoon I've had for several years. I ain't exactly sure how old it is, but it seems like I purchased this new from a SKOAL catalogue or something back in the 1980's. On the underside of the top of the main piece is inscribed "LI'L CUS" and "KLEBOLD ENTERPRISES, INC.~~~~~3912 BROADWAY~~~~~FT. WORTH, TX 76117." On the bottom of main piece is an attached label that reads:"SKOAL is the Registered Trademark of United States Tobacco Company, Greenwich, Connecticut for it's smokeless tobacco." The bottom piece is a plastic tray that can be screwed into a base, into which the main piece can be placed. The removable top part has a snuff can tray, which itself can be unscrewed , in which t is a compartment for a deoderizer. I believe the way this cuspidor is to be used is by fitting a small plastic bag underneath the removable plastic funnel. This item is in great condition.

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