SKYBLADE KNIVES Custom Hunting Knife Handmade Todd Orr

SKYBLADE KNIVES - Art with an Edge!

Check out this beautiful, handmade, custom hunting knife with a lifetime warranty!!!

New, custom knife handmade by Todd Orr of Skyblade Knives in Bozeman, Montana.

Each knife carries a lifetime warranty. Any problems, I fix or replace the knife. The steel and edge-holding are exceptional!

I've been handcrafting custom knives for 18 years. My designs are useful, the steel is

exceptional, and the quality is superb. My knives are sold across the country in numerous art galleries and high-end sporting goods stores. I am using eBay to move a few knives at a discounted price to get my name out into circulation. Don't miss out on a great deal on a great knife! Good luck bidding!

· The retail price for this knife at one of my retail outlets is $260.00.

· The steel is ATS-34 stainless steel and is hardened to 61 RC.

· Model is called the Talus .

· Model serial number is 019 .

· Overall knife length is 8.1".

· Blade length is 3.5" with a 3.25" cutting edge.

· Blade thickness is 1/8".

· Handle material is a stabilized and very beautiful hardwood called Madison Maple Burl. This piece is loaded with contrasting eyes stripes and swirls within the grain. A light green tint is visible within some
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